What’s up people! Let me introduce myself. I go by “L3X”. Why L3X (pronounced “Lex”) you might ask? Well, let’s play a game… L3X has the same meaning as my real name, and has been my tag for as long as I can remember. So, can you figure out my real name? Hmmmm. I’ve built a community called “The CompL3X”, which is a play on words. A complex, or gated community, one can consider it a type of utopian society, as there are people of all races, creeds, backgrounds, and walks of life who inhabit it.


This is the type of community I dedicate my time to building from the ground up. It’s always about relaxing and decompressing from the day while enjoying some video games. I feel the games are a way for us all to find a common ground, which is why I am huge on variety streaming.


I want my community filled with all different types of people, so playing different types of games helps facilitate that a bit as well. The man, the myth, the legend: L3X! Yeah, I like to toot my own horn a little, it’s all in good fun! I’m probably one of the most laidback people that you will ever meet. I love a good time, good jokes, and great company! So, if you ever find yourself in need of a place to hang out and feel at home like family, stop by the CompL3X and say what’s up!


You won’t be sorry, I think. You should have fun, but I’m not promising anything!

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