Valianze Positions

Community Development [Azhtral]

Community Admin/IT Manager [Mr Goodkat]

Reports to Director of Community Development

  • Ensures database records and integrations provide a successful member experience with a commitment to continuous quality improvement.

  • Set up and maintain appropriate systems and logs.

Community & Events Manager [Available]

Reports to Director of Community Development

  • Works with staff to promote a member-centric culture, raising awareness of key initiatives, developments, and trends that will aid the team in delivering and exceptional membership experience.

  • Oversees the administration of the awards and recognitions program.

  • Attend industry events on behalf of Valianze and plan meetups for the Valianze community.

  • Customer Relations: Answering questions however they come in and managing feedback.


Internal Events Lead [Lord_Mikoda]

Reports to Community & Events Manager

  • Create, organize, and track monthly events for the community and stream team, such as gaming tournaments, competitions, and rewards systems.

External Events Lead [Available]

Reports to Community & Events Manager

  • Endorse Valianze through fundraisers, charity events, streams, and social media promotions.

Marketing and Logistics [Hashaholik]

Marketing Manager [Available]

Reports to Director of Marketing & Logistics

  • Reviews market research and benchmarks to drive strategies for membership growth and engagement. 

  • Setup marketing campaigns based on a set monthly budget. 

  • Content creation – writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications materials, and material for social media channels 

  • Responsible for creating strategic marketing/communications plans to provide direction for the company’s public-facing communications. 


Social Media Lead [Available]

Reports to Marketing Manager

  • Create, manage, and grow the company’s presence through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other strategically relevant online properties. 

  • Increase brand awareness. 

Logistics Manager [Available]

Reports to Director of Marketing & Logistics

  • Liaising and negotiating with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to offer the best quality merchandise for the best price for the consumer and community profit.

  • Organize and monitor storage and distribution of goods while tracking changes in supply and demand

  • Manage the entire order cycle to enhance business development and ensure sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Team Director [WhiskeyxHangovr]

Stream Team Manager [Available]

Reports to Team Director

  • Foster a cohesive, creative, and comfortable community environment, mediating any interpersonal issues within the team. 

  • Motivate team members. 

  • Suggest and organize team building activities. 

  • Scout talent and recruit for team.


Competitive Team Lead [Available]

Reports to Stream Team Manager

  • Assist in creating and maintaining requirements for the Valianze competitive squad.  

  • Develop training programs, coaching strategies, and initiatives to improve overall team performance. 

  • Monitor team performance and report on metrics. 

Developer Relations Lead [Available]

Reports to Stream Team Manager

  • Interface with game developers to work with Valianze to promote their game(s) and products through the Stream Team. 

Community Moderation Team [Available]

Reports to Team Director

  • Manage the Valianze community, including development, promotion, and continued engagement. 

  • Display integrity, loyalty, confidentiality, and professionalism always. 

  • Be a team play and contribute overall to the community in promoting an enjoyable, productive, and safe environment. 

  • Interface and resolve issues within the community. 

  • Track and report on key action items, deliverables, and rule violations to the Directors for review.

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