Hashaholik brings exceptional entertainment, gaming, and a variety streaming style to viewers from all around the world since April 2018 and does not intend on stopping anytime soon. His vision and personality are infectious and addictive to say the least! He sets forth a forward-thinking, positive mind set as well as an uplifting attitude which brings together his core community from around the globe.


His streams, passion and community reflect these ideal and beliefs. His entrepreneur skills, business-driven, determined mind set make him stand out from the crow. Hash possesses an ultra-keen eye for design, a diploma in digital marketing and over 10 years’ experience in professional sales that set him up as a top player in his game!


Don't believe us? We invite you to stop by and become a part of this fast-paced growing community to see exactly what you have been missing out on.


Founder of the Valianze: Variety Power Stream Team on Mixer!

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