Azhtral is a Marine Corps Veteran who has been a content creator since August 2014, bringing entertaining variety gaming to viewers all around the world. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business and gaming while streaming full-time on Mixer. She ensures her streams are always ahead of the game when it comes to innovation, guaranteeing there is always something different for viewers to find entertaining and thus engaging. Her high-energy and commanding presence attracts like-minded individuals to the community and inspires others to pursue content creation in their own right.


Azhtral wanted to create something bigger than herself to further inspire others in the pursuit of their dreams. Streamers often face the worst of online anonymity, ranging from verbal abuse to SWAT attacks. Through her own stream, Azhtral hopes to empower streamers, especially females, to combat the negativity and toxicity.


Azhtral also seeks to prove that variety and mature streamers are overlooked and dismissed because often, these creators do not chase empty follows or engage in gimmicks for publicity. Azhtral seeks to support these streamers and showcase them when others will not. Thus, Valianze grew from idea to actualization.

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